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Potential applicants will be able to find below answers to some of the questions frequently addressed to the JTS concerning the first calls for proposals for ordinary project. While JTS do their utmost to avoid any errors or omissions, the answers given below are for general guidance, and are not to be considered as legally binding. For this reason the reader is encouraged to consult the source documents when these are referred to.


Question 1.1. What is the IPA Adriatic Cross-border Cooperation Programme?

The IPA Adriatic Cross-border Programme is a cross-border programme co-financed by the European Commission through the Instrument of Pre-accession Assistance (IPA), adopted with the EC Decision C (2008) No. 1073 as amended with Decision C (2010) No. 3780, Decision C (2011) No. 3396 and Decision C (2011) No. 3740.
The Instrument of Pre-accession Assistance (IPA) is the financial instrument established by the European Union to assist candidate Countries (Croatia and Montenegro) to adopt and to implement the full acquis communautaire and to assist the potential candidate Countries (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia) to promote a degree of alignment with the acquis communautaire and approximation with the Accession criteria.
The IPA Adriatic Cross-border Programme aims at "strengthening the sustainable development capacity of the Adriatic Region through an agreed strategy of actions among the partners of the eligible territories".

Question 1.2. Which areas are eligible for the IPA Adriatic Cross-border Programme?

The eligible area of the Programme consists of the territories facing the Adriatic Sea. These are identified as NUTS III (or equivalent level) of

  • three Member States (Italy, Greece, and Slovenia),
  • two Candidate Countries (Croatia and Montenegro),
  • three Potential Candidate Country (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia).

Although not being territorially eligible for the Programme because it lacks of costal area, but taking into account its eligibility in previous INTERREG IIIA NPPA Adriatic Cross-border Programme 2004 -2006, Serbia participates in the Programme with the whole territory under a phasing out condition until 31st December 2015
The list of the eligible territories is showed in the text of the Calls, paragraph 5, and in the Implementing Manual, sub-chapter 1.1, table 1.1.

Question 1.3. Who is responsible for the management of the IPA Adriatic Cross-border Programme?

The Countries involved in the IPA Adriatic Cross-border Programme have appointed Abruzzo Region as Managing Authority. The Managing Authority is responsible for managing and implementing the Programme in accordance with the Programme and European Regulations.
The Managing Authority of the Programme is the Abruzzo Region of the Italian Republic "Direzione Affari della Presidenza, Politiche Legislative e Comunitarie Programmazione, Parchi, Territorio, Valutazioni ambientali, Energia - Servizio Attività Internazionali" and its representative is Ms. Giovanna Andreola.

Question 1.4. Which are the other relevant Programme's bodies and Authorities?

The Joint Monitoring Committee verifies the effectiveness and quality of the implementation of the Programme. It is responsible for selecting and approving operations.
The Certifying Authority is competent for receiving the payments made by the Commission and transferring them to the Final Beneficiaries.
The Audit Authority is responsible for the functioning of the management and control systems in accordance with the Programme and European Regulations.
The Joint Technical Secretariat assists the Managing Authority and all the other Programme bodies in performing their tasks. It receives and assesses the project proposals. It is the major technical-administrative structure of the Programme.

Question 1.5. How much funding is available under each Priority in the 2nd Calls for proposals?

The total Programme contribution available for the 2nd Call for proposals under each Priority is broken down as shown in the table below:

PriorityIPA fundsNational
Total Fund
Priority 1 - Economic, Social and Institutional Cooperation€ 23.228.205€ 4.099.095€ 27.327.300
Priority 2 - Natural and Cultural Resources and Risks Prevention€ 23.228.205€ 4.099.095€ 27.327.300
Priority 3 - Accessibility and Networks€ 23.228.205€ 4.099.095€ 27.327.300
TOTAL€ 69.684.615€ 12.297.285€ 81.981.900


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