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Kick-off Meeting for BALMAS Project Partners

Leading partner the Institute for Water of the Republic of Slovenia has initiated a joint collaboration with all BALMAS project partners at KICK- OFF meeting. All project partners have met on Slovenian Coast at National Institute of Biology - Marine Biology Station in Piran on 14-16th of January 2014.

Project partners responsible for leading work packages have presented their main goals and shared the knowledge on the importance of certain issues. Current pressing issue related to prevention of harmful organisms and pathogen transfers around the world through ships’ ballast water and sediments is looking for immediate response and uniform approach towards solutions which was discussed through the meeting.

On the first day lead partner represented crucial issues related to first three working packages: cross- border project management and coordination including management information system; communication together with dissemination and capitalization and sustainability. Second day partner institutions presented relevance of each technically oriented work package and finished up with 5 workshops on the final day. Final beneficiaries gained all the necessary information regarding project communication, reporting, control and its changes. Location, time and purpose of the next meeting were discussed in the end. Initial start of the BALMAS project provided successful future collaboration.

allegatoKick-off Agenda (file pdf 321Kb)


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