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Project partners of the approved strategic project DeFishGear prepared the KICK-OFF meeting, which took place in Venice, Italy, at University Ca'Foscari Venice, Malcanton Marcorà building, on December 19-20th 2013.
Representatives of all project partners and three associated partners joined the Kick Off meeting where the Lead Partner and work package leaders presented the most important topics so the implementation of the project will be as fluent as possible. The final beneficiaries were duly trained about their responsibilities in the project, how to request for the project change and derogation to the rule of origin. Lead partner also explained how the project will be managed, monitored and steered. In the continuation of the first day, the leaders of all work packages presented their work plans for the next 6 months.
On the second day the Final Beneficiaries were trained on project management tool, public procurement rules, reporting, Management information System M.I.S and budget.
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The Ministry of Economic Development and Technology (MEDT), in cooperation with the Joint Technical Secretariat of the IPA Adriatic CBC Programme, is organizing the Seminar for all Slovenian Final Beneficiaries of the Strategic Projects selected for funding.

The event, which will be only in the Slovenian language, will be held on 19 December 2013 at Ljubljana. You can find more information on the MEDT web site: www.mgrt.gov.si.

Click below to download the Agenda.
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The YouthAdrinet final meeting, that will be held in Pula on the 16th-17th of December, is finally
approaching. It will offer the opportunity to present to all the partnership the last outputs produced by the project, but above all it will be the official occasion for discussing and deciding how to assure the follow up of the initiative.
Protagonists of the first day of the meeting will be youngsters coming from the partner territories: boys and girls who already took part to the Youth Adrinet workshops or to the ADRIBUS adventure, and who will be now involved in an interesting debate on youth policies with politicians. The first afternoon will be also the occasion to present the documentary video on ADRIBUS, that will be introduced and presented by the film Director Gaetano Vanzo.
The second day of the meeting will be above all the time of the official signatures of the “Memorandum of understanding” by all the politicians of the partner territories at the presence of a member of the Adriatic Ionian Euroregion. A highly official and symbolic moment, but most of all the concrete beginning of the Youth Adrinet follow up. Youth Adrinet has activated really strong and important social processes in all the partner territories, but they will be effective only if they will be supported and promoted after the end of the project itself.

More information at www.youthadrinet.eu

Seminario per i beneficiari italiani dei Progetti Strategici approvati

L’Autorità di Gestione, con la collaborazione del Segretariato Tecnico e dell’’Ufficio di Controllo di Primo Livello italiano, ha organizzato per il giorno 17 dicembre 2013 un seminario tecnico per tutti i beneficiari italiani dei progetti strategici approvati nell’ambito del Programma di Cooperazione Transfrontaliera IPA ADRIATIC CBC 2007-2013.

Il seminario – che si svolgerà presso l’Auditorium “Piervincenzo Gioia” di Palazzo Silone, in Via L. Da Vinci n. 6 in L’Aquila - avrà la finalità di illustrare le principali responsabilità in capo ai Beneficiari durante l’implementazione dei progetti, come anche le modalità pratiche di rendicontazione delle spese e l’utilizzo dei principali strumenti messi a disposizione dal Programma.

Per scaricare il Programma del Seminario, cliccare sul link in basso.


The Managing Authority, with the collaboration of the Joint Technical Secretariat of the IPA Adriatic CBC Programme, organized on 16th December 2013 an Info Day for all Lead Beneficiaries of 11 Strategic Projects selected for funding in L’Aquila at Via Salaria Antica Est No. 27, “Meeting Room”, floor -1.

The Lead Beneficiaries will be duly trained on contractual obligations, Programme eligibility rules and on the use of Programme Management and Information System.

Click below to download the Agenda.
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Dear users, we inform you that, due to an improvement to the network infrastructure, in order to have access to the M.I.S. we will have to replace the link  https://sso.adriaticipacbc.org/gestionale  with   https://sso.adriaticipacbc.eu/gestionale

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