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The Kick-off meeting of the LOVE YOUR HEART Project (Adriatic cardiovascular diseases prevention network), funded within the IPA ADRIATIC Cooperation Programme, has been held in Pula, Croatia, from  the 13th to the 15th February 2013. The Meeting was attended by six out of seven project partners and three out of ten associates: LB – Region of Istria (Croatia), FB1 – Central Vocational Training School (Mestre-Italy), FB2 – ADRA Albania (Albania), FB3 – ULSS Corporate Unit n.14 Chioggia (Italy), FB4 – General Hospital Pula (Croatia), FB6 – Istrian Health Care Center (Croatia) and the following Croatian associates: Institute of Public Health of Istrian County, Zadar County and Andrija Stampar School of Public Health (University of Zagreb, School of Medicine). Many representatives of the local community attended the meeting too:  members of the Istrian Region Council for Health, Istrian Region Health Team, representatives of the associations involved in the CVD prevention and representatives of some Istrian cities.The official part of the meeting started with the presentation of the Projects main objectives, activities and results; and of the partners and associates themselves. During the meeting the main activities of the Steering and technical committee were defined (especially those related to the first year of the project implementation), with the aim to ensure and maintain an effective network among Partners in the management and coordination of activities during the implementation of the project, to control the performance of activities and achieved results, to monitor the implementation of the plan and budget calendar and to ensure the implementation of the Communication plan. The next meeting will be held in June 2013 in Motovun, Istria during the 20th Motovun Public health Summer school.
 ALTERENERGY, Project  Management Board  and Steering Committee Meeting in Bari

ALTERENERGY, Project Management Board and Steering Committee Meeting in Bari

The Third Project Management Board and Steering Committee Meeting – Strategic Project ALTERENERGY (Energy sustainability for Adriatic small communities) was held in Bari, on 18 and 19 February 2013, promoted by Puglia Region - Mediterranean Department in cooperation with ARTI Puglia Regional Agency. Purpose of the meeting: jointly agree on the administrative and financial aspects, the already undertaken work and plan future activities.

During the first day, Monday 18 February, a general overview on the state of the project activities was presented, reserving further considerations to the elements of progress of the project expenses, the analysis of situations of delay and possible consequences arising from this. Monitoring and financial planning of the project were also framed within the wider financial context in which it currently the IPA Adriatic CBC Programme operates.

During the second day, the Management team of the Lead Beneficiary led the sessions focused on the Project Work Packages  Communication and Information, Integrated Energy management Models, Sustainable Energy Action Plans/ Pilot Projects and Demonstrative Actions Implementation, Business and Investments support (methodological approach to the planning of activities).

Finally, all partners were asked to briefly describe the specific activities being currently implemented within the WP4 and specifically the process of  identification of the Target Community. The comparison between the partners led to the definition of further guidelines for future activities and commitments acceleration for those partners that are not aligned on the timing so far defined.

During the two days restricted bilateral meetings to address and solve specific partners’ problems have been held. At the worktable: the Mediterranean Department staff, Arti Puglia experts and partners who have made requests.

Alterenergy (Energy sustainability for Adriatic small communities) is the new energy sustainability challenge which aims to promote energy efficiency and renewable energy production across the Adriatic area. It is the first strategic project funded within the cross-border Cooperation Programme IPA-Adriatic 2007-2013, and it relies on 12.5 Million Euro total budget; it has been launched in September 2011 and it will last until August 2015 (4 years duration). The initiative is based on a partnership of 18 organizations, regions, ministries and energy agencies belonging to all the countries of the Adriatic area: Italy (7 Adriatic Regions), Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Greece, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia.


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