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March 29 and 30, 2012

"STAR - Statistical Networks in Tourism Sector of Adriatic Regions Project."

March 21th, 2012

An international workshop "The value of shared information as a means of tourism development in the Adriatic Basin" will be held in Durres (Albania) on Wednesday March 21st 2012 - from 9.30 to 13.00 - at the Adriatik Hotel of Durrės (Plazh Durrės).
The initiative is organized by the Regional Council of Durres and it represents an important transnational appointment aiming at starting a permanent cooperation among some European partners in order to exchange information and knowledge on tourism statistics among public institutions, tourism enterprises and stakeholders, universities and research centers.
The workshop will give the opportunity to the partners to compare the national legislation on tourism data collection systems, and to illustrate the investigation carried out in the project regarding the guidelines containing common solutions and methodologies for the tourism data management.
A special attention will be addressed to the innovations in tourism European statistics introduced by the EU Regulation No 692/2011 - concerning European statistics on tourism - which will be illustrated by Mr. Gian Paolo Oneto - Director S.E.C. Istat -, on behalf of Eurostat. The new Regulation brings in several important modifications in the data collection system, and it envisages the request of additional information from accommodation facilities oriented to improve the degree of harmonization of statistical information within the European countries.
Moreover, during the seminar it will be analyzed the opportunities and challenges for the tourism development in the Adriatic basin which will be introduced by Mr. Klodian Pajuni - General Manager of the National Agency for Albanian Tourism.


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