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18/03/2013 First Youth Adrinet Cross-Border Event

The Province of Campobasso, in collaboration with the Molise Job agency and the Youth Forum of the Province of Campobasso, promotes an important international event named “First Youth Adrinet Cross-Border Event". The event is part of an European project granted by the European Commission - IPA Adriatic program, named “Youth Adrinet” that includes the Province of Campobasso as partner.
The event is  a three day event.

On the 20th of March there will be the “First meeting of the youngsters of the Sea Adriatic Basin - Youth Adriatic HUB”, in the “Sala della Costituzione” of the Province of Campobasso at 9.30 Youth Policies Department – Premiership,  Youth National Forum will be only a few of the important hosts of the day. The event will be an important opportunity to start up international co-operations and meetings about Youth Policies.

On the 21st and 22nd there will be “The 2nd International Youth Mobility Day”, an international job-fair.

•    On the 21st of  March the event will take place in Campobasso at the “ Fondazione Molise Cultura”, ex GIL, in Milano Street, starting from 9:00 until 5:00 p.m.

•    On the 22nd of  March the event  will take place in Termoli at the IPSEOA "Federico II di Svevia" in Foce dell'Angelo Street n.2, starting from 9:00 until 5:00 p.m.

European information networks, some international, national and local institutions, and some  experts will show a great overview of the most important European opportunities of job, training, voluntary work and studies to the young participants and to the local youth associations.
Several Eures advisers, coming from various European countries, international entrepreneurs and representatives of the Public Employment Services will be available for Job-interviews, offering real opportunities of mobility in the European countries. Moreover, there will be a lot stands of The European Networks (Eurodesk, Europe Direct, Eures, Europass, CDE), of the Youth Forum of  the Province of Campobasso, of Labour Department, of other organizations.
The event is a call for all the last year high-school students, for college students, for technicians and for everyone who wants an abroad experience.
The countries involved in the event will be: UK, Germany, Denmark, France, Norway, Poland, Slovakia, The Czech Republic, Malta, Bulgaria and Austria.

Here you can download the poster of the event.

SEA-R: Pesaro and Marche Road Show

From Thursday February 28th until Saturday March, 2nd have taken place the Pesaro Road Show regarding the IPA Adriatic project called "SEA-R: Sustainable energy in the Adriatic regions: knowledge to invest” led by the Municipality of Pesaro. The first day of the Road Show consisted in 2 different Workshop sessions: one dedicated on energy efficiency to over 200 students of secondary scientific and technical high schools in Pesaro, and in particular focusing on the tools purchased by the Info Point within the project SEA-R, such as the sustainability meter “Leaf” and a thermographic camera for energy diagnostic of buildings. The second workshop addressed to approximately 25 professionals and freelancers working in the field of energy efficiency focused on the "role of the local Public Administration and private players in energy efficiency and development of renewable energy sources: perspectives and experiences in progress" and was organised in collaboration with the SEA-R Partner Province of Ferrara and the Order of Engineers. The second day consisted in a study visit for 12 Croatian entrepreneurs to the regional companies Loccioni Group (specialising in the fields of energy research, measurement and quality control: "the Leaf Community") and Brandoni Solare (specialising in photovoltaic panels) as well as to the biggest European PV plant on public ground realised by privates in a parking space in Pesaro (3500 m2 of PV panels).

The third day centred on a Business to Business (B2B) Workshop session between Croatian entrepreneurs (6 different companies) invited by the SEA-R partner IRENA and regional entrepreneurs (16 different companies registered) invited by the Region Marche. The scope of this B2B, organised in collaboration with the Region Marche, was to enable the involved entrepreneurs to meet and promote the exchange of information and contacts between Buyers and Sellers for present and future businesses. 

For further information visit our SEA-R website: http://www.sear-project.eu/en/


SIMPLE seminars & workshop: LANGUAGE DIVERSITY AND FAIR CITIZENS' SERVICES - Rovinj-Rovigno, 4-5 March 2013

Within the project SIMPLE, the lead partner Istria Region has organized two transnational training seminars and an open workshop that will be held in Rovinj-Rovigno in the 4-5 March 2013. The events will be focus on the language as an identity marker and as a tool to make public and private services more accessible.

The two working days aim to look at best practices of multilingual and fair services, present a governance model applicable in the Adriatic area, launch the guidelines realized by the Istria Region on the same topic as well as promoting the SIMPLE multilingual support Agency in Rovinj-Rovigno. On the same occasion, SIMPLE’s partners will look at these issues together with representatives from minority and migrant associations, mediators, social workers, officers and professionals from the Istria Region and from the other countries partners of the project.

To attend please write to the Istria Region or visit the project website.

More information available on the website http://progettisociali.it/site/ps/news/389.


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