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Local Workshop "Integrated Management of the Coast: Strategies and Proposals" - Pescara, 18th of April 2013 at 9.00 am

It will be held in Pescara at Aurum - Sala Tosti the Local Workshop “Integrated Management of the Coast: Strategies and Proposals”. This event, organized within the Project SHAPE” ( Shaping an Holistic Approach to Protect the Adriatic Environment: between coast and sea), IPA Adriatic CBC Programme, is aimed at disseminating locally the activities of the SHAPE Project and at involving the local stakeholders on the topic of the Integrated Management of the Caost.
The main topics of the SHAPE Project, regarding the Adriatic Basin, regard:
-    the coordination of the legal framework and policies for an Integrated Management of the Coastal Areas;
-    the design and use of the Maritime Space;
-    the realization of the activities related to the Marine Strategy, as foreseen by the European Directive for the Adriatic Basin.

During the Local Workshop, the Project SHAPE themes will be analyzed together with the governance aspects related to the coastline: territorial, mobility and environmental aspects as well as issues linked to the management of the beaches.
allegatoProgram of the event (file pdf 46Kb)


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