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28th June / 8th July

Ancona and Sirolo 14 international debuts as the ones of Cecchi, Vacis, Rosati, Sciarroni, Colavero, De Ritis www.stabilemarche.it Archeo.S Festival: from the 28th of June to the 8th of July in Ancona  will take place, in the nice location of the Mole Vanvitelliana and the Roman amphitheater and in Sirolo ( where an outdoor theater will be set up specifically in the archaeological Area of Pines) 11 days of shows with 14 International debuts, among which we point out the ones of Carlo Cecchi (Sik Sik l’artefice magico July 30th – Corte of Mole), Gabriele Vacis (la Parola Padre  July 6th Roman amphitheater), the performer Alexander Sciarroni (Folk-s - July 29th Court the Mole), Valentina Rosati (Twelfth Night, or whatever you wish July  from 6th  to 8th - Theater Studio of Mole); prose, music, dance, theater and circus-theatre offering stories, visions, colors and music of the Adriatic area. Info 071 5021611  info@stabilemarche.it   www.stabilemarche.it www.archeosystem.org The Archeo.S Festival is the  main result of the two-years project Archeo.S System of the Archaeological Sites of the Adriatic Sea co-funded by the Cross-Border Cooperation IPA-Adriatic Programme.

The partners involved in the project are: the Teatro Stabile of  Marche, the City of Pazin (Croatia), the Municipality of Igoumenitsa (Greece), the City of Fier (Albania), the Region of Abruzzo, the Pugliese Public Theatre (lead beneficiary).
The involved partners are located on the shores of the Adriatic Sea and are linked by the common goal of enhancing the archaeological and historical heritage of their areas through special initiatives and activities of live performance. Info 071 5021611  info@stabilemarche.it   www.stabilemarche.it www.archeosystem.org 

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BAR 27th June 2012

Within the ADRI-SEAPLANES project, the Port of Bar, in collaboration with the Lead Partner, Province of Teramo, organized the II Local Thematic Workshop, aimed to disseminate in the local community the benefits deriving from the introduction of a new way of transport in the Adriatic basin. The meeting has been attended by the project partners, but also by the Harbour Master Office of Bar, represented by Mr. Mirko Fustic, who has explained the status of the local legislation on hydro areas and by the National Touristic Association of Montenegro, represented by Mr. Emil Kukaj, who highlighted the economic advantages that this new transportation system brings to the development of local tourism. The meeting was also attended by the representatives of Montenegrin Customs, the national Civil Aviation Agency, the Port Authority of Montenegro and the Maritime Safety Department. It must be underlined the presence within the project partnership of the Montenegrin Ministry of Transport, in order to support the project at the highest institutional level.


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