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Information on Application Process

The project proposals can be submitted to the IPA ADRIATIC CBC Programme solely during the period when a public call for proposals is open.

In this section all documents (Application Packs, Templates, Manual) concerning the specific Call are available for downloading.

The interested applicants have to fill in all the necessary application documents and submit them to the Managing Authority in L'Aquila as required in the concerned Call announcement.
For any additional question, the Joint Technical Secretariat stays at your disposal.

The approved projects for each Call are available under the "APPROVED PROJECTS" section.

Calls for Strategic Project Proposals

The 1st step for Call for Strategic Project Proposals is now opened for each Priority from September 3rd 2012 until 2rd November 2012. The Calls address eight strategic topics chosen by the Joint Monitoring Committee based on the number of challenges and opportunities identified as of strategic importance to be tackled in the Adriatic area.

Please note that only the Projects that have been selected at the end of the first step procedure, will be invited to submit the Final Strategic Project Proposal under the second step selection procedure.

Corrigendum to the calls for Strategic project proposals and Applicants' Manual

On 10.10.2012, the amendment to the Calls for Strategic Project Proposals, approved with Decision "DGR n. 622" of 2/10/2012, has been published on the Official Journal of the Abruzzo Region (BURA) n. 53. The corrections to the Calls concern:

a) page 7, paragraph 1, line 4, of the Section 4 of each Call, the word "activities" is replaced with the word "outputs";

b) page 9, paragraph 1, bullet 1, line 2, of the Section 6.3 of the Call for Priority 1 and the Call for Priority 3, the words "Economic Regional Development" are replaced with the words "Economy, Regional Development";

c) page 20, table "Assessment criteria under the 2nd step of the selection procedure", line b.2, of the Section 14 of each Call, the words "activities fully implemented" are replaced with the words "specific objectives fully achieved";

d) page 24, list of annexes, Section 19 of each Call, the Annex "The Applicants' Manual" is not numbered

1st Calls for proposals for Ordinary Projects (Closed October 2009)

The first Call for Ordinary Project Proposals (one call for each Priority) is now open (August 2009). The related documents (text of the Calls and Application Package) are available in this page.

Click here to download the 1st Calls for proposals and the related Application Package (zip file, 2.9Mb).

2nd Calls for proposals for Ordinary Projects (Closed November 2011)

The second Calls for proposals is now open from August 3rd, 2011 until November, 2nd 2011 and related documents (text of the Calls and Application Package) are available in this page.


Lead Applicants which are registering in the Programme Management and Information System in order to submit their project proposal are recommended to use ONLY Latin letters without diacritical marks (as accents, diæresis, tilde, cedilla, comma, apostrophe..) for their user ID (f.i. use "s" for š; or "c" for c or c; "d" for d or "z" for ž...).

A new version of the "Budget Breakdown" form has been published. This second version ("Budget Breakdown_v2") is available in the "Application Package" for the 2nd Calls for Proposals.

[Update 13 sep 2011]
In the "Application Package" for the 2nd Calls for Proposals, a new version of the "Investment details" and of the "Bank Account Identification Notice" forms has been published. For both the forms the content was not modified: the modifications to the "Investment details" form concern only some excel protections which did not permit to fill it in correctly, whilst for the "Bank Account Identification Notice" the modification concerns the heading of the 2nd page.

As explained in the "Guideline for the submission of project proposals through the Programme Management Information System" the Beneficiary which is registering in the System will be automatically registered as the Lead Applicant of the proposal that will be submitted and it is not possible to change it after. Once the registration has been made, the System sends an e-mail to the email address indicated during the registration with the credentials necessary to access to the M.I.S. Please be aware that the confirmation email is sent immediately, thus if you have not received it, check your SPAM folder in case it gets up there. In any case you can always contact the Helpdesk by email at admin@adriaticipacbc.eu to assist you if you have not received the login credentials, and for any other technical problem. The JTS strongly recommends potential Lead Applicants not to wait till the last days to register into the System, in order to avoid any technical problem that may occur.


Dear users, we inform you that, due to an improvement to the network infrastructure, in order to have access to the M.I.S. we will have to replace the link  https://sso.adriaticipacbc.org/gestionale  with   https://sso.adriaticipacbc.eu/gestionale