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Dubrovnik. 2007-2013 IPA Adriatic CBC Programme Open Days in the scope of the 1st Forum of the EUSAIR: Save the date!

The 2007-2013 IPA Adriatic CBC Programme Open Days are held as a side event to the “1st Forum of the EU Strategy for the Adriatic and Ionian Region”, which is jointly organized by the European Commission and the Government of the Republic of Croatia. 
The Open Days that take place in Dubrovnik, Croatia, from 11 to 14 May 2016, are an excellent occasion to give visibility to the projects funded under 2007-2013 IPA Adriatic CBC Programme, to share the achieved results and to provide an opportunity for networking and exchange of relevant experiences on an international scale. 
The several workshops organized in the sphere of the event and concerning the Actions and Pillars of EUSAIR are instrumental to allow each project to showcase the outputs and deliverables produced so far. Moreover, external keynote speakers are invited to discuss and highlight the strategic value of the results pursued in the Programme framework. Please, register on the Forum dedicated page before 9 May 2016 for participation in the Open Days.



Dear users, we inform you that, due to an improvement to the network infrastructure, in order to have access to the M.I.S. we will have to replace the link  https://sso.adriaticipacbc.org/gestionale  with   https://sso.adriaticipacbc.eu/gestionale