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The spread of livestock farming based on innovation and expertise in the Adriatic-Balkans Euroregion is the goal for the IPA Adriatic Cross-Border Cooperation Programme's 'Zoone' project, led by the Marche region and which received over 1.8 million euros in funding from the EU. The project also involves Slovenia, Bosnia, Croatia, Serbia and Albania. Based on the experience of the previous European project, 'Marcbal', the project focuses on scientific and institutional cooperation in order to create favourable conditions and to provide specific support to businesses in the livestock farming industry in rural areas in the relevant countries. In particular, the project aims to strengthen and expand the networks of cooperation with Adriatic countries to reinforce rural economies through a livestock farming model based on innovation and expertise, assuring environmental, economic and social stability. 'Zoone' also aims to introduce a breed of cattle native to the Marche region into the Balkans.



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