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On the 31st July 2012 the Managing Authority approved the provisional ranking lists of projects admitted to the Quality Assessment listed according to the final score achieved under Priority 1, under Priority 2 and under Priority 3, respectively with its decisions "Determina Dirigenziale" n° 87/DA2 (for Priority 1), n° 88/DA2 (for Priority 2) and n° 89/DA2 (for Priority 3).
According to the call rules, project proposals not achieving at least 70 points or not achieving at least half the points foreseen in each section of the evaluation grid cannot be financed by the Programme.
Lead Applicants of projects that could be financed according to the available budget (27.327.300 EUR for each Call) will be required to provide specific documents according to the rules of the Call (§13), to the administrative requirements and/or due to the law in force. In case the Lead Applicant does not provide the required documents in the duly form and in time, the project will be rejected and cancelled from the ranking list. 
The three ranking lists will remain valid until 31.12.2013 and, in case additional funds will be available under the specific related Priority, additional projects will be financed according to the score achieved.
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