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The first Call for Strategic Project Proposals is now opened for each Priority from September 3rd 2012 until 2rd  November 2012. The Calls address eight strategic topics chosen by the Joint Monitoring Committee based on the number of challenges and opportunities identified as of strategic importance to be tackled in the Adriatic area. These are: Priority 1, Theme 1-Innovation as key for economic development in the Adriatic area; Priority 2, Theme 1 - Improving marine, coastal and delta rivers environment by joint management in the Adriatic area, Theme 2 - Protection from ballast water pollution in the Adriatic area, Theme 3 - Integrated and sustainable management of drinking water resources in the Adriatic area, Theme 4 - Protection and prevention of natural risks in the Adriatic area, with particular attention to fire risk, Theme 5 - Tourism with emphasis on sustainable management and marketing of natural and cultural resources in the Adriatic area; Priority 3, Theme 1 - Improvement of integrated plans aimed at multi-modal solutions, especially links between coastal zones and hinterland in the Adriatic area, including improvement of port, airport systems and connected services, Theme 2 - Promotion of common models on sustainable transport services to improve links in the Adriatic area including improvement of port, airport systems and connected services. Budget available is € 90.860.776: € 12.500.000,00 for Priority 1, € 45.360.776,00 for priority 2, € 33.000.000,00 for Priority 3.The interested Applicants have to fill in all the necessary application documents and submit them to the Joint Technical Secretariat in L'Aquila as required in the relative Call announcement. The Calls documents are available in the section ‘How to apply’. For any additional question the Joint Technical Secretariat stays at your disposal.



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