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Project Proposal

Title:Integrated Coastal Zone Management
Priority:2. Natural and Cultural Resources and Risk Prevention
Measure:2.1 - Protection and enhancement of the marine and coastal environment
Description:The proposed Project aims at a common approach for the establishment of a specific network concerning sustainable management and planning methodologies for coastal zone in the Adriatic Sea. The coastal zone of all partners is characterized by sensitive eco-systems, under heavy pressure from tourism, fishing and marine transportation. The network will experiment with the use of the “Carrying Capacity” concept in coastal areas with intensive tourist development. The proposed Project will insure concrete examples of good practice in ICZM in a range of socioeconomic, cultural, administrative and physical conditions. It will also implement concrete demonstration actions at local level and draft ICZM plan for each region, coordinating the competencies of various tiers of administration. This project will insure analyze the ICZM concept in a theoretical way, as well as assess the practical usage of the ICZM to understand environmental and other problems and to solve them.
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Contact details

Project promoterInstitute for Spatian Planning, Primorsko Goranska County, Croatia
Typology:Public institution
Description of main activities:the making and follow up of the implementation of documents of spatial planning on the local (regional) level; the filing of the report on the current status of the County’s space, the management of data records in the framework of the information system of spatial planning, the drawing of spatial plans of the large town, towns and municipalities and regional plans, if such a task is entrusted by the competent Ministry or the County Assembly,
Contact person:Irena Persic Zivadinov
Phone number:+38551351777
Email:irena.persic.zivadinov @ pgz.hr
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