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Project Proposal

Title:innovation in management and preservation of Adriatic public ceramic collection
Priority:1.Economic, Social and Institutional Cooperation
Measure:1.4 - Institutional cooperation
Description: Innovation in Management and Preservation of Adriatic public Ceramic collecTion aims to the promotion of innovative services for knowledge, preservation, restoration and promotion of ancient and contemporary ceramics, through the cooperation among public institutions; the fundamental idea is to give new impulses to the role played by public cultural bodies as a connector between artistic knowledge and heritage and the wide public, creating innovative services and new methodology of dialogue and of sharing and spreading of knowledge
Partners already involved:lead partner Museo Internazionale Ceramiche-Faenza 1 Provincia Ravenna 2 Università Ca’ Foscari- Venezia 3-Comune Castelli d’Abruzzo – Museo Ceramica 4 Provincia Ascoli Piceno – Museo ceramica Ascoli 5 JP Kulturni Centar- Bar 6 Prefecture Thersprotia -Archaelogical Museum 7 National Museum of Montenegro in Cetinje 8-Academy of Fine Arts Tirana 9 - museo del territorio parentino Croazia
Partners searched:we are looking for a partner from Slovenia (areas part of the Adriatic IPA programme), a public institution involved in ceramics

Contact details

Project promoterInternational Museum of Ceramics in Faenza
Typology:Foundation mainly managed by public institutions, cultural pole devoted to ceramics
Description of main activities:The Museum has experience in the international relations with the main International Institutions and Ceramic Museums. The MIC competences involve activities: preservation and restoration of ceramic artistic heritage,organization of exhibitions and cultural events. the Foundation has a didactic Deparment, a specialized Library an administrative staff that takes care about the web activities, the loan of works and photographic material
Contact person:Monica Gori
Phone number:0039(0)546 697322
Email:monicagori @ micfaenza.org
Is the project promoter the project’s potential Lead Partner? Yes
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