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Project Proposal

Title:Promotion of cultural heritage destinations
Priority:2. Natural and Cultural Resources and Risk Prevention
Measure:2.4 - Sustainable tourism
Description:The preservation of cultural heritage and the boosting of culture attraction by specific interventions addressed to preserve the culture are the main instruments for the tourism promotion in the target area. This implies the involvement of a set of local stakeholders interested in the protection of historical monuments and documents of the famous artists of the region. New cultural products will be created and supported by the project.
Partners already involved:
Partners searched:Municipalities Chambers of Commerce Tourism associations . Regonal Development Agencies - Provinces

Contact details

Project promoterMunicipality of Tešanj
Typology:Promotion of cultural heritage destinations
Description of main activities:A network of cultural tourism destinations in the Adriatic area will be created, starting from the experiences of the EU countries a governance system of the historical cultural sites will be developed.In each target area the buildings to be protected will be listed and cultural events will be organised in order to promote an international tourism area in the Adriatic area based on culture. The infrastructure intervention will be implemented with the support of the project.
Country:Bosnia and Herzegovina
Contact person:D.Sc. Ismar Alagić , Advisor of Mayor
Phone number:+387(0)32650022;+387(0)61792808
Email:ismar.alagic @ opcina-tesanj.ba ; alagicismar @ yahoo.com
Website:www.opcina-tesanj.ba ; www.turizam-tesanj.com
Is the project promoter the project’s potential Lead Partner? Yes
If not, is the potential Lead Partner already being chosen?  No


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