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Project Proposal

Acronym:Adria Culture
Title:Days of Middle Century Heritage
Priority:2. Natural and Cultural Resources and Risk Prevention
Measure:2.2 - Natural and cultural heritage management and prevention of natural and technological risks
Description:The project is about presenting ordinary and cultural life in 14th and 15th century. This includes sites revitalization where culture, customs, crafts, food, tradition, and everyday life of ordinary people as in the Middle century will be presented. Aim of the project is to use cultural material and nonmaterial heritage in the targeted countries to contribute to its preservation, income generation, and improvement of legal framework for management of cultural heritage. Activities of the project related to ordinary and cultural life of people of Tesanj region in the Middle century will take place on the Old town (Fortress) of Tesanj. With partners from other countries in the Adriatic region it will be planned to revitalize historical sites for purpose of promotion, income generation, creation of joint tourist offer, and improvement of legal framework for cultural heritage management models. Duration of the project is 24 months.
Partners already involved:Municipality of Vir (Croatia)
Partners searched:We search partners with similar project idea from all Adriatic region countries that have cultural heritage which can be used for tourism.

Contact details

Project promoterTRA "Development Agency of Tesanj Municipality"
Typology:Established by Municipality of Tesanj with aim of fostering local development.
Description of main activities:ACTIVITIES: entrepreneurial consulting; preparation of business plans and investment projects; education of entrepreneurs, employees of local government, small and medium local enterprises; support start-up entrepreneurs; promotion of entrepreneurs micro SMEs; promotion of tourism offers; support to interested entrepreneurial associations, clusters, cooperatives; assistance in finding adequate market (domestic and foreign) for promotion of products of domestic manufacturers; attracting FDI.
Country:Bosnia and Herzegovina
Contact person:Hilmo Perco (Director)
Phone number:+387(32)650390, +387(62)993055
Email:tra @ opcina-tesanj.ba
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