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Project Proposal

Title:New path, new steps
Priority:3. Accessibility and Networks
Measure:3.3 - Communication networks
Description:This is a collaborative project, designed to promote democratic governance based on an effective Parliament, professional media, and citizen participation. The purpose is to strengthen institutions and processes that contribute to the free flow of information and allow interaction between citizens, elected representatives, and government officials with regard to government budgets.The project provides technical assistance, training and materials to non-governmental organizations, media representatives, members of parliament, parliamentary committees and district assemblies. Activities aim to build the capacity of citizens, the media and elected representatives to understand and contribute to the public budgeting process; increase the ability and openness of the Government to receive and incorporate public input; and improve the availability of information and analysis on public expenditures.
Partners already involved: Centre for Business and Parliamentary Dialog (CBPD), University,
Partners searched:Italy, Slovenia, Greece, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro

Contact details

Project promoter Centre for Business and Parliamentary Dialog (CBPD)
Description of main activities:• Economic governance and private sector development • Methodologies in management of project cycles • Analysis of the viability and formulation of multinational projects • Expertise in the region • Expertise in the fiscal functional area of Parliaments and Courts of auditors, state regulatory functions and statistics.
Contact person:Marsida Duka
Phone number:
Email:marsiduka @ gmail.com
Is the project promoter the project’s potential Lead Partner? Yes
If not, is the potential Lead Partner already being chosen?  Yes


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