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Project Proposal

Title:To be defined
Priority:1.Economic, Social and Institutional Cooperation
Measure:1.3 - Social, health and labour networks
Description: Our proposal introduces an advancement in the area of telecare, teleassistance where the main benefits are: • On the end-user (sick and elderly people) side: A full set of services covering all the aspects (social assistance, entertainment, social networking, healthcare, etc.), that allows them to carry on and independent and dignified life with the confidence of a full protection. • On the Public Administrations, NGOs side: An architecture of socio-health services that can covers quite all the aspects of the service they have to warrant to sick and elderly people, that does this in an innovative way providing also a substantial instruments to solve the eInclusion problems for a relevant category of citizens , being mapped at best on the resources available in the territory. Specific Objectives: -Raising awareness and building consensus - Putting enabling conditions in place - Accelerating take-up of and investment in validated solutions
Partners already involved:Ente d'Ambito Sociale 21 - Abruzzi Region Remaining partner: to be defined
Partners searched:All the institutions interested of this contents of this bid.

Contact details

Project promoterEAS 21 - Abruzzi Region
Typology:Public entity
Description of main activities:Provider of social and healthy servicies
Contact person:Fabiana Rocchi
Phone number:+39.3384812391
Email:fabiana.rocchi828 @ gmail.com
Is the project promoter the project’s potential Lead Partner? Yes
If not, is the potential Lead Partner already being chosen?  


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