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Project Proposal

Title:Adriatic media network
Priority:3. Accessibility and Networks
Measure:3.3 - Communication networks
Description:Establishing a media network in the Adriatic basin. Exchange of experience and the conference of representatives of the media . Exchange of information for all parties through open programs, especially in areas of similar voice. Education about the necessary social and economic changes as a liability for changes in the EU integration and the topics are intended to inform all communities with culture, heritage, tourism potential, social life. Also , there is possible to connect to some of the projects that need media support.
Partners already involved:none
Partners searched:Research and medias and educational institutions in all countries participating in IPA Adriatic CBC programme.

Contact details

Project promoterJP , Radio Zrenjanin
Typology:Public company
Description of main activities:Stimulation of affirmative topics in , educations... covers five municipalities. Broadcasts in five languages ​​and cover news, cultural and educational all the other programs in this part.
Contact person:Vladislava Ivkovic Caleta
Phone number:+381 64 811 66 11
Email:ivlatka @ yahoo.com
Is the project promoter the projectís potential Lead Partner? No
If not, is the potential Lead Partner already being chosen?  No


Dear users, we inform you that, due to an improvement to the network infrastructure, in order to have access to the M.I.S. we will have to replace the link  https://sso.adriaticipacbc.org/gestionale  with   https://sso.adriaticipacbc.eu/gestionale