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Project Proposal

Title:Natural resources conservation- an alternative for sustainable tourism development
Priority:2. Natural and Cultural Resources and Risk Prevention
Measure:2.2 - Natural and cultural heritage management and prevention of natural and technological risks
Description:The purpose of the project is conservation of natural resources as a mechanism for sustainable tourism, crucial for income generation, resulting in poverty reduction of local communities of the Adriatic Area. The methodology includes: • Develop multi-stake holder process, involving local communities government and investors, • Train and strengthen the capacity of three target groups, • Harmonise natural resources conservation and tourism development in natural heritage sites to ensure such Program HERITAGE CONSERVATION AND SOCIAL IMPACT MANAGEMENT, • promote/support the development of activities by local communities appropriate to the conservation of natural resources leading to sustainable tourism, • attract private sector investments related to the natural resources conservation with direct impact on sustainable tourism development.
Partners already involved:National Center of Environmental Movement
Partners searched:Municipalities, Regional and National organization, NGOs, in all countries participating in IPA Adriatic CBC programme.

Contact details

Project promoterNational Center of Environmental Movement
Description of main activities:The main activities: 1. development of an enhanced policy and planning skill set among policy planners over 3 years; 2. developing nature based tourism products 3. enhancing capacity of natural resources management staff, over 3 years, regarding planning, developing, and managing the sustainable tourism development 4. training of ecotourism personnel with enhanced knowledge and interpretation skills of the natural resources value 5. regional mainstreaming of pilot project results.
Contact person:Elvira Bazina
Phone number:+ 355 682067898
Email:zh_mjedisor @ yahoo.com
Is the project promoter the project’s potential Lead Partner? Yes
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