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Project Proposal

Title:ENTERPRISE START-UP Model to favor the access to the labor market in the Adriatic Area
Priority:1.Economic, Social and Institutional Cooperation
Measure:1.2 - Financial support to innovative SMEs
Description:The main objective of the proposal is to set up policy mechanism and tools that can boost the labour market in terms of access, sustainability and remaining in the labour market, paying particular attention to the entrepreneurship element and the set up of innovative SMEs throughout the Adriatic Area. Specific objectives can be defined as follows: to experiment and consolidate a model of labour active policies and good practice; to promote a new kind of entrepreneurship based on innovation, thanks to a stronger network cooperation between stakeholders and involved institutions; to increase the managerial skills in order to improve the competencies of potential entrepreneurs; to increase the Adriatic cooperation to positively boost “enterprises micro credit” as a tool of economic democracy, social cohesion and confidence in the future; to create job opportunities through the start-up of innovative SMEs.
Partners already involved:Province of Forlì-Cesena-Marche Region
Partners searched:Chamber of Commerce, Regions, Countie, Association of Entrepreneurs/Employers, Development Agency from Croatia, Montenegro, Slovenia, Serbia, Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Greece

Contact details

Project promoterCamera Work
Typology:Public Authority
Description of main activities:Supporting the local economy through the support to SMEs
Contact person:Serena Cappannini
Phone number:
Email:s.cappannini @ camerwork.it
Is the project promoter the project’s potential Lead Partner? Yes
If not, is the potential Lead Partner already being chosen?  Yes


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