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Project Proposal

Title:Traveller Information System for the Adriatic Region
Priority:3. Accessibility and Networks
Measure:3.2 - Sustainable mobility systems
Description:THEME: realize a traveler information system in the Adriatic Macro-region, which access gateway to local journey planning systems, in a multimodal and multi-channel viewpoint, ensuring information for seamless travel. Transport modes involved will be road, rail, sea and air, ranging from public to private transport, either urban or long-haul within the concerned areas. OBJECTIVES: Establish a dialogue at political/strategic level between Administrations, promoting accessibility and data exchange on travel planning by local operators; Carry out an analysis on the state of the art of local traveler information systems and travel planning in Adriatic Macro-region areas and following implementation of a feasibility study on system interoperability; Design and realize a single portal enabling data integration providing a single travel solution between any two locations within the Macro-region. The portal will be accessible through various channels and in all Macro-region languages
Partners already involved:
Partners searched:- Port Authorities throughout the Adriatic coast - Municipalities - Passenger transport operators - Provinces and Regions in the Adriatic area

Contact details

Project promoterMarche Region – Public Transport Department
Typology:Regional Authority
Description of main activities:Planning and management of policies and regulations concerning regional, urban and extra-urban public transport; co-financing of provision and improvement of the transport service while supporting the development of sustainable transport systems.
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