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Project Proposal

Title:Regional Network for Innovative entrepreneurs
Priority:1.Economic, Social and Institutional Cooperation
Measure:1.2 - Financial support to innovative SMEs
Description:Regional network for innovative entrepreneurs – SMEs is a way to encourage companies to transfer products and innovations through promotion and networking with regional partners, and in the end their commercialization. Overall goal of the project is improvement of competitiveness of local SMEs and creation of new jobs. In a dedicated contemporary exhibition space there will be organized a permanent exhibition of domestic products, their promotion and presentation and networking of domestic and foreign entrepreneurs and innovators. Within the premises there will be a conference hall, fully equipped with high-tech audio-visual system for different events.
Partners already involved:
Partners searched:Project leader from Italy or/and Slovenia, for example Economy/Commerce Chamber or similar institutions for entrepreneurs support

Contact details

Project promoterFoundation for innovation and technology development-INTERA
Description of main activities:-Present and promote domestic products through permanent exhibition, -Present and promote innovative products, -Network enterprises of the region, -Raise the marketing performance of small businesses in the region, -Create a database of producers of the region. One of the partner's tasks would be to organize exhibitions (domestic and products from Herzegovina region), economic forums and similar events to promote entrepreneurship.
Country:Bosnia and Hercegovina
Contact person:Goran Dodig
Phone number:00387/36/327-972
Email:goran.dodig @ ibc.ba
Is the project promoter the project’s potential Lead Partner? Yes
If not, is the potential Lead Partner already being chosen?  No


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