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Project Proposal

Title:Reconstruction of Public Lighting in the Old Royal Capital Cetinje
Priority:2. Natural and Cultural Resources and Risk Prevention
Measure:2.3 - Energy saving and renewable energy resources
Description:The street lighting system of the Old Royal Capital Cetinje consists of 1200 pole stands with very outdated technology, which involves excessive consumption of electricity, as well as significant environmental pollution through the emission of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere due to the use of harmful mercury light sources. Activities of this project includes the installation of LED diode body, replacing the installation and installation of 10 electrical cabinets. The realization of specific goals will be achieved as well as cost savings of 69% in electricity consumption and significantly reduced CO2 emissions in the atmosphere, on the level of the system covered by this action. This part of the system will be developed in accordance with EU recommendations concerning the elimination of light sources with the irrational consumption of electricity, which are in addition to that also environmentally problematic.
Partners already involved:
Partners searched:Searching for partners from Italy and Slovenia from European Union and one partner from other eligible countries.

Contact details

Project promoterOld Royal Capital Cetinje
Typology:Local Authority
Description of main activities:Local government includes the right of citizens and local authorities, within the limits laid down by law, to regulate and manage certain public and other businesses based on their own responsibility in the interest of the local population. The activities within its jurisdiction the municipality is achieving through its organs, organs of local self-government and public services, in accordance with law, statute and other laws.
Contact person:Milos Ivanisevic
Phone number:+382 41 231 958, +382 67 631 715
Email:milos.ivanisevic @ cetinje.me
Is the project promoter the projectís potential Lead Partner? No
If not, is the potential Lead Partner already being chosen?  No


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