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Project Proposal

Title:Novel cancer therapies and targeted technologies for diagnosis, patients risk definition and disease monitoring.
Priority:1.Economic, Social and Institutional Cooperation
Measure:1.1 - Research and Innovation
Description:We aim at presenting a high-impact Trans-Adriatic collaborative project on the development of research on innovative anti-cancer therapies, and of the related technologies for diagnosis, patients risk definition and disease monitoring. Our research allowed us to identify the molecule Trop-2 as a key controller of cancer growth and metastatization in man. Therefore, it is now essential to define its mechanisms of action, to clarify its structure, to develop targeted drugs / study their efficacy and to define who will benefit the most from these therapies. Hence, we plan to develop a collaborative project that will allow to benefit from the expertise of the partecipants and to transfer knowledge in key areas of leading-edge cancer research, both for basic science and at a clinical level.
Partners already involved:Jozef Stefan Institute, Ljubljana. Sinchrotron of Trieste, Italy. Oncoxx Biotech, Pescara, Italy.
Partners searched:o Basic Science Laboratories with expertise in the areas covered by the project. o Established or starting-up Biotech Companies with interest in the field of cancer.

Contact details

Project promoterUnit of Cancer Pathology, CESI center for Excellence, Foundation University of Chieti
Typology:Academic and Biotech Institution
Description of main activities:1. Definition of the mechanisms of action of Trop-2 a.Signaling 2.Definition of the Trop-2 structure a.X-ray crystallography 3.Development of targeted drugs a.monoclonal antibodies b.Trop-2-dependent kinases inhibitors 4.Definition of the effects of anti-Trop-2 drugs a.pre-clinical models b.clinical trials in man 5.Definition of the patient sub-groups who will benefit from anti-Trop-2 therapies a.prognostic studies b.molecular taxonomy c.therapy monitoring
Contact person:Prof. Saverio Alberti
Phone number:+39-0871-541551
Email:s.alberti @ unich.it
Is the project promoter the projectís potential Lead Partner? Yes
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