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Project Proposal

Acronym:No Acronuym
Title:No title
Priority:2. Natural and Cultural Resources and Risk Prevention
Measure:2.4 - Sustainable tourism
Description:Promoting the sustainable use of natuaral resources in increasing international competitiveness of the Albanian tourist destinations.
Partners already involved:ECOPartners for sustainable development is an Albanian-based organization with a mission to promote sustainable development in Albania through fostering integrated environmental management - by raising environmental awareness among decision makers and wide public on the sustainable use and management of the natural resources. http://eco.al/.
Partners searched:Looking for Lead partners from Italy and Croatia with experience in sustainable eco tourism development.

Contact details

Project promoterECOPartners for sustainable development
Typology:Environmental organisation dealing with raising capacities, informing and educating
Description of main activities:Promotion of the sustainable tourism in the Albanian Adriatic coast including Fier, DurrŽs, LezhŽ, ShkodŽr, TiranŽ, and VlorŽ regions through: - Raise local capacities in sustainable coastal agro tourism management - Promote sustainable rural/ agricultural development and support the profit and non profit related structures with capacity building activities - Enhance regional cooperation in sustainable coastal agro tourism
Contact person:Entela Pinguli
Phone number:00355686054911
Email:entelapinguli @ gmail.com
Is the project promoter the projectís potential Lead Partner? No
If not, is the potential Lead Partner already being chosen?  No


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