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Project Proposal

Title:Adriatic Helicopter&Helipad Network
Priority:3. Accessibility and Networks
Measure:3.1 - Physical infrastructure
Description:Because the Adriatic Sea area is a vital common factor and having in mind the future shared political association of the European Union, parties have concluded that the lack of helicopter related services and necessary infrastructure over the Adriatic cannot provide a safe and integrated environment of future mutual social and economical development and prosperity within the EU. Currently, the airspace above the Adriatic coast, sea and islands is serviced well by the helicopter services based in the Republic of Italy. It is necessary to develop services such as public transport, helicopter emergency medical transport, search and rescue helicopter services and other kinds of helicopter transportation and aerial works, related to tourist infrastructure, general transportation, marine / shipping, environmental monitoring and fishery within the whole Adriatic sea basin, including Schengen outside EU border services.
Partners already involved:Alidaunia Srl Puglia region
Partners searched:All regions in Croatia, Slovenia, BiH, Montenegro, Albania

Contact details

Project promoterAlidaunia Stl / heliFOR d.d.
Description of main activities:Vertical transport related services (helicopters, helipads)
Contact person:Djani Bodlovic
Phone number:+385 98 77 66 76
Email:djani.bodlovic @ helifor.eu
Website:www.alidaunia.it www,helifor.eu
Is the project promoter the projectís potential Lead Partner? No
If not, is the potential Lead Partner already being chosen?  Yes


Dear users, we inform you that, due to an improvement to the network infrastructure, in order to have access to the M.I.S. we will have to replace the link  https://sso.adriaticipacbc.org/gestionale  with   https://sso.adriaticipacbc.eu/gestionale