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Project Proposal

Title:Promoting the Entrepreneurship Mindset in the Adriatic Region Entities
Priority:1.Economic, Social and Institutional Cooperation
Measure:1.1 - Research and Innovation
Description:Entrepreneurship education is playing a significant role in the promotion of the business ventures in some European countries. The success of many emerging economies is based also on the promotion of the entrepreneurial spirit. The entrepreneurship research has increased dramatically over the last decade, but in the Adriatic region the research on the factors, patterns and institutional structures is lagging behind. The entrepreneurial education methods employed in theory and practices are not consistent with the latest insights and findings. There is an emergent need for the entrepreneurial educators in our systems and it is imminent to change the entrepreneurship programmes, qualify teaching staff and conduct capacity building events for the would-be entrepreneurs and the students. Adopting the new entrepreneurial programmes at each and every level of education is of paramount importance to ensure that our countries compete successfully in the market arena.
Partners already involved:Institutions, Organisation Universities, from the eligible IPA Adriatic
Partners searched:Research centres, Education Institutions, Universities, VET centres, Business Associations, Business Schools

Contact details

Project promoterSmall Business Foundation
Description of main activities: Conduction of a comparative study research on entrepreneurship behaviour Establishing of cooperation network among business schools and VET centres Preparation of the promotional materials and updated manuals on entrepreneurship Conduction of the teachers/instructors/lecturers/students training events on entrepreneurship Establishment of web facility to support the entrepreneurship learning and dissemination Conduction of the capacity building programme on entrepreneurship
Contact person:Mr. Qemal BALLIU (MA)
Phone number:+355 4 2230983
Email:info @ sbfalbania.org
Is the project promoter the projectís potential Lead Partner? No
If not, is the potential Lead Partner already being chosen?  No


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