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Project Proposal

Title:logistic for a better management between nature and archaeologic
Priority:2. Natural and Cultural Resources and Risk Prevention
Measure:2.2 - Natural and cultural heritage management and prevention of natural and technological risks
Description:Probably in every archaeological park ther is, or ther was, at the beginning a naturalistic area; Understand what kind of naturalistic scenery was pesent in the age of every archaeological park. Will be the purpose of our project. Increase the archaeological excellent, preserve the landscape and promote the cultural resources are purposes.of PArkeoLOGIC divided into the following activities: site analysis, a definition of joint plans management, implementation of innovative pilot projects aimed at the virtual reconstruction of sites , artifacts and archaeological landscapes, introduction of innovative methods of management for the tourism, renovation of exhibition spaces; creating a network between the sites involved in the structuring and offering of a both archaeological and naturalistic Route Adriatic.
Partners already involved:Province of Ravenna,
Partners searched:We looking for a partner with our same caratheristic: a natural park with inside an archaeological park or an archaeological park insert in a naturalistic area, with the objec to make maximum use of the archaeological and naturalistic way

Contact details

Project promoterFondazione Parco Archeologico di Classe - Ravenna (Italy)
Typology:Foundation ONG
Description of main activities:Foundation Parco Archeologico di Classe, has been instituted, also for tourist aims, for exploitation, of the archaeological, architectural and historical-artist heritage.The Foundation has among its purposes the realization of the Archaeological Museum of Classe through the restoration of a big archaeological industrial area– the ex Sugar Industry. The Foundation means to conjugate specific competences such as the cultural preservation, tourist exploitation and managing direction.
Contact person:Lisa Tasselli
Phone number:+39 0544 36136
Email:tasselli @ ravennantica.org
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