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Project Proposal

Title:Natural healing resources from traditional saltpans: from salt to saltpan mud (fango)
Priority:2. Natural and Cultural Resources and Risk Prevention
Measure:2.2 - Natural and cultural heritage management and prevention of natural and technological risks
Description:We are looking for strategic partners for the study of the salt production and applicability of the (by)products from traditional saltworks. Especially we are focused on the preparation (maturation procedures) and applications of saltpan mud (fango, peloid) for pelotherapy in spas and wellness centers. The projects main objective is to achieve a network between the participating partners to establish a universal protocol for peloid quality and suitability, and to promote the use of natural resources from traditional environmental friendly saltpans.
Partners already involved:
Partners searched:Municipalities, Regional and National organization, NGOs, salt production companies, spa and wellness centers, private laboratories, in all countries participating in IPA Adriatic CBC programme

Contact details

Project promoterMarine biology station Piran
Typology:National institute
Description of main activities:The Marine Biology Station carries out research about coastal marine systems with an emphasis on multidisciplinary ecosystem complexity. Activities include research, development and application of monitoring systems to comply with national, EU and international legislation. The research group also makes good use of modern biological, microbiological, molecular, chemical laboratories and radiological laboratory.
Contact person:Neli Glavaš, Nives Kovač
Phone number:0038656712930
Email:glavas @ mbss.org, kovac @ mbss.org
Is the project promoter the project’s potential Lead Partner? No
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