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Project Proposal

Priority:2. Natural and Cultural Resources and Risk Prevention
Measure:2.4 - Sustainable tourism
Description:The project intends to undertake joint action to enhance and promote tourism of the territories. 1.Training and sharing in school. It foresees the involvement of schools through a training phase with interventions aimed to promoting knowledge of the area in terms of environment, culture, food and wine. It also provides for: the realization of thematic workshops; the involvement of art’s schools for the production of locally made handicrafts; the ideation and implementation of learning experiences with hotel schools and experiencing new inter-regional menus 2. Involvement of the business world youth of the three territories. This phase will start from a census of entrepreneurial youth who work in tourism to build new opportunities for the territories, starting from analysis of their strengths and weaknesses. The project aims to develop cooperation activities, in order to create synergies and integrated interventions in terms of food culture construction building "NETWORKS".
Partners already involved:GAL “SUD-EST Barese” GAL “Terra dei Trulli e di Barsento” CNA - Bari PROFIN SERVICE S.r.l. IRIS SocietàCooperativa More 13 Municipality (Province of Bari)
Partners searched:Local or regional public authorities, Regional agencies charges of the promotion of tourism, museums, agencies involved in sustainable tourism and local promotion, cultural associations and private bodies, Partners with expertise in tourism management and socio-economic studies and strategies, universities and high schools from ALBANIA, CROATIA AND MONTENEGRO

Contact details

Project promoterAll the group: GAL “SUD-EST Barese”, GAL “Terra dei Trulli e di Barsento”, CNA - Bari, Profin Service S.r.l. and IRIS Società Cooperativa
Typology:Rural, environmental, economic, social and tourism development
Description of main activities:Objectives: increase in value of land resources; improve the management of tourist services; human resources development of small and medium sized enterprises; promotion of tourist products inter-Adriatic (itineraries and events); connection of gastronomy and local products with local industries, events, environment; creation of a qualified and developed offer of inter-Adriatic events Through training, active partecipation, studies.
Contact person:Francesca Sbiroli
Phone number:0039 3338041939
Email:f.sbiroli @ galseb.it
Is the project promoter the project’s potential Lead Partner? No
If not, is the potential Lead Partner already being chosen?  Yes


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