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Project Proposal

Title:Protecting heritage from risks using low impact systems/technologies
Priority:2. Natural and Cultural Resources and Risk Prevention
Measure:2.2 - Natural and cultural heritage management and prevention of natural and technological risks
Description:Creation of a network for the study/dissemination of methodologies/tools to ensure the safety of cultural heritage from natural or anthropogenic risks. In particular the project will focus on new design of the museums using systems and technologies with a low environmental impact. Activities: A. Study and research B. Meetings and seminars; C. Training activities and capacity building; D. Research activities: 1. scholarships 2. grants, 3. competition open to students / researchers; E. Application of systems and technologies; F. Dissemination
Partners already involved:Accademia di Belle Arti dell'Aquila (Italy) - (to be confirmed)
Partners searched:Universities and research centers, institutional Institution, museums, galleries and management authorities working in the field of restoration and preservation of cultural heritage

Contact details

Project promoterAccademia di Belle Arti dell'Aquila (Italy)
Typology:Training centre/University
Description of main activities:teaching in the field of conservation of cultural heritage and the arts
Contact person:Capri Gianluca - De Cesare Grazia (consultants)
Phone number:
Email:gianluca.capri @ gmail.com - graziadecesare @ hotmail.com
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