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Project Proposal

Title:Sustainable development by renewable energy sources in rural villages of Balkan Adriatic region
Priority:2. Natural and Cultural Resources and Risk Prevention
Measure:2.3 - Energy saving and renewable energy resources
Description:The economic and social development of any society, is linked both to the availability of energy sources and its ability to access the same. Also, to resolve problems such as poverty, healthcare and deforestation, there is an urgent need for more primary energy, especially electricity. The project provides a framework for the creation of a network to overview the energy sector, continuous rising energy demand and potential solution for use of renewable energy in various field such as solar thermal, photovoltaic, biomass/biomass and wind power. Moreover, integration of solar thermal systems into building, energy efficiency and creation of specialized technical man-power, are other important goals. After choice of the suitable location, size of the power plants, share of each renewable source, design of the grid and of a smart energy box able to manage different energy carriers in an integrated and optimized way, an integrated system of land energetic management will be defined.
Partners already involved:SMEs, Research Institutes, Universities, Public Institutions and Public Agency from Italy, Croatia, Albania, Greece, Serbia.
Partners searched:Partners from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Slovenia.

Contact details

Project promoterDistretto Tecnologico Nazionale sull'Energia SCARL
Typology:Private body NO PROFIT
Description of main activities:DITNE is responsible, among other things, to support institutions that promote science and technology in energy sector, promote connection of all stakeholders for exploitation of renewable energy and associated research activities, operate mainly in the following research areas such as components and energy conversion systems, reduction systems and reuse of CO2, new technology for smart grids, innovative components and system for renewable energy, efficiency and energy savings.
Contact person: Vinod Kumar SHARMA Francesco GRANDIZIO,
Phone number:
Email:sharma @ enea.it francesco.grandizio @ enea.it
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